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About VILLA2100


Welcome to a place where living is synonymous with the body, mind, nature, comfort and design all in perfect harmony; welcome to the Villa 2100 residence.

In a fenced-off forest park covering more than 2.3 hectares, in the charming semi-shade of slender conifers, lies the Villa 2100, as well as the Honka hunting chalet, a garden dependance, an outdoor swimming pool and professional tennis court.



The main building provides residents with an impressive 1,250 square metres of living area. As soon as you enter the foyer, which is dominated by an unroofed atrium with beautiful Arizona agaves and yuccas, you can breathe in the wonderful sunny leisurely ease of Florida. The central and also the largest (120 sq. metres) room in the whole building is the residential maisonette-style aula with a gallery overlooking the staircase. The way the rooms are laid out provides plenty of room for unlimited entertainment and comfort for people of all ages and interests. Outside the two-storey French windows there is a terrace with a summer kitchen for barbecues our just sitting and enjoying the fresh outdoor air. 

You can sample gourmet delights and will particularly enjoy preparing them in the fully-equipped kitchen, with its unique solid-fuel range, which lets you cook without having to worry about the gas or electricity supply. This is tucked away in a special chimney made of carefully grouted English brickwork.

For your night-time comfort there are two bedrooms, both of which have their own en-suite bathroom. The house also has rooms for staff and servants, a laundry and ironing room, and, last but not least, we have also taken care to ensure that pets can stay here in the utmost comfort in their own room with a heated rosewood floor, mattresses, and an LCD television. Anyone who loves flowers will particularly enjoy a stroll through the nearby forest park, as well as a visit to the winter garden with its fountain, or the proud arboreal spectacle in the courtyard – the Dawn Redwood, one of only ten specimens in the Czech Republic. Up to nine vehicles can be parked in the English-style garages.



The perfect interplay of light and shadow is provided by movement sensors which allow you to choose from five scenic lighting schemes, from intimate to night lights.

All of the household technology is controlled using an LCD control panel. Just by touching the display you can adjust the temperature, lighting, air conditioning and even the blinds in any room in the building. If necessary, the entire house is energy self-sufficient owing to a central exchange with a 10 kW electrical generator. The building is also equipped with two gas boilers and a heating pump which keep all the floors in the building nicely warm.



You can recoup your energy in the wellness section, which includes as standard a steam bath, whirlpool bath, a massage loggia, and particularly a luxury ten-metre inside swimming pool. Steps lead down to a depth of 1.30 m, where you will be pampered by the built-in massage system. You can swim comfortably in the deeper part, which reaches a depth of 180 centimetres. Not only can you luxuriate in water warmed to 28 degrees Celsius, but you can also enjoy the impressive play of light from the LED diodes on the special ceiling-mounted Barrisol optical screen. A perfect view of the nearby forest park is guaranteed by the powerful air-conditioning system, which prevents the any condensation from building up on the French windows. Should you desire complete intimacy, you can roll down the fully automatic blinds with just a touch of the remote control. A projector and screen provide the perfect distraction and entertainment.

It is definitely worth investing that stored-up energy in some exciting and innovative ideas, and the study with its own adjacent bathroom provides the perfect place. Discuss anything you need with your business partners in the meeting room. 



Enjoy the perfect natural interplay of the wooden buildings deep in the forest park; these are from the Finnish company HONKA, which has many years of tradition and experience. The wooden buildings are all dominated by the grand hunting chalet, which has three bedrooms, two toilets, a bathroom, kitchen, and living room, plus a covered terrace. There is attractive wooden decking on the floor to allow you to move comfortably between the cabin, made of the finest Finnish pine, the garden depandance, the Finnish sauna, the covered whirlpool bath, or the ten-metre outdoor swimming pool.

Sports facilities include the tennis court with its world-class Rebound ACE surface and the gym, as well as the extensive fragrant pine grove, which is perfect for jogging or a brisk walk.

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